Old and new on display as Datsun celebrates milestone in South Africa

BOTHAVILLE, South Africa – Datsun South Africa is celebrating its first 50 months with a special edition Datsun GO and a visit to its roots in Bothaville."It's hard to believe that more than four years have passed since we re-entered South Africa with the affordable Datsun GO," said Des Fenner, general manager for Datsun in South Africa. "Since then, we have expanded the range with the larger GO+ and GO+ Panel Van, with several additional models on the radar."To celebrate its success in South Africa, Datsun is launching the Datsun GO Special Version. The Special Version is based on the Lux specification level – and in addition features a Bluetooth and USB-enabled audio-system, silver and blue decals on the bodywork and silver accents inside the cabin."Our market research shows that Datsun owners value their vehicles' affordability and ease-of-servicing above all else," said Fenner. "Many owners gradually personalize their vehicles, and it is specifically for them that we have created the Special Version."The Datsun GO is South Africa's reigning cost-champion. According to the annual Kinsey Report, which ranks vehicles by the cost of their service and repair parts, the Datsun GO is the most affordable vehicle to maintain, repair and run in South Africa.A first edition Datsun GO will also be on display at the world-renowned Datsun and Nissan museum in Bothaville. Here, car-collector Freek de Kock has built up a collection of rare and special Datsun and Nissan models that remains unrivalled outside of Nissan's own vehicle museum in Japan, Zama Garage."We have over 200 models at our museum, of which many are in pristine condition, while others are in different stages of restoration," said De Kock. "We look forward to welcoming fellow enthusiasts and Datsun fans, especially during this week's NAMPO show outside of town."    Over the past eight-plus decades, Nissan and Datsun have brought excitement to the masses with cars such as the GT-R, Fairlady Z and the Bluebird range. In Bothaville, South Africa, one avid collector has carefully restored over 100 Datsun and Nissan models, including a model of every GT-R and Fairlady Z from the first generation. He has many more waiting for restoration. Here’s a glimpse of Freek de Kock’s passion for our proud #heritage. Among the many cars on display are perfectly restored versions of every Datsun and Nissan Skyline GT-R, from the first GT-R Hakosuka to the current R35 Nissan GT-R. The collection also includes several versions of the Datsun SSS Coupé, the Datsun 1200 Coupé and beautifully restored versions of the 240Z."While the Datsun brand returned to South Africa just over 50 months ago, our roots run deep in South Africa and for many, a visit to the Nissan and Datsun museum in Bothaville is the perfect way to rekindle the passion for the Datsun brand," said Fenner.Contact Veralda Schmidt Media Relations Datsun South Africa Mobile:  082 820 8562 veraldas@nissanco.zaFor more information about Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s products, services and our commitment to sustainable mobility, visit Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and view our latest videos on YouTube.Get more information about Datsun visit