Car Care

Go Green With Wash Spray Nozzles That Also Save Time

Saving water also means saving money and a precious resource for drought-prone areas. A quality hose nozzle can dramatically cut down on the amount of water used for keeping your pride-and-joy clean.

All Dressed Up: Get Your Tires Jet-Black

Something about shiny, jet black tires just makes a vehicle visually pop. The only real question is how glossy do you want your tires? There’s a few ways to get the look, here’s what to know.

Tips to Keep Carpets Fresh All Winter Long

Most drivers realize road grime and salt can destroy beautiful wheels. Yet, it also can cause serious damage to your vehicle's cabin carpet.

Rinseless wash lets you drop the hose, save water

Sometimes using a hose and bucket just doesn’t make sense for washing a car.

That’s especially true in drought-stricken areas where water is an expensive commodity. Apartment dwellers and urbanites also face challenges looking for an available faucet and appropriate location.