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Remember These Tips for Safe Family Fun in July

Traveling during the Fourth of July weekend or later in the month? The National Safety Council has some sobering facts for you.

More than 400 deaths and 49,000 injuries requiring medical attention are expected to occur on America’s roadways this Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Simple Steps to Bring Back Showroom Feel, Finish

Glide a few fingertips across your car’s paint. Does the finish still feel smooth and buttery, or bumpy as braille?

No worries. A little elbow grease--and a clay bar--can restore that showroom feel and shine.

The Lowdown on Bricks at America's Most Popular Track

More than a century ago an oval racetrack was built in rural Indianapolis that’s become as important to fans of auto racing as Graceland is to Elvis enthusiasts.

The iconic Indy 500 and NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 are among the annual events held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. More than 400,000 people can attend festivities there, making Indianapolis Motor Speedway the highest-capacity venue in the world.

Fire Extinguisher a 'Must Have' for Vehicle Safety

Most of us have driven past a burning car on the side of the highway. Sometimes that leads our thoughts adrift and what we would do if our own vehicle caught fire.

Don't Let Smiles Turn to Frowns on Summer Road Trip

No one wants their carefree summer road trip sidelined by a breakdown. Get out in front of any potential problems with a quick trip to your service advisor before the journey.

Classic Cars Take Center Stage at Summer Events

The glimmer of paint. The striking curves. The connection with true Americana.

Classic car rallies have it all, and summer is classic car rally season.

Test Your Trivial Knowledge on All Things Harry Potter

Muggles around the world are no doubt wishing fantasy author J.K. Rowling a happy 50th birthday in July.

Rowling’s ultra-popular “Harry Potter” series has sold more than 400 million books worldwide and has spawned a plethora of merchandising from clothing to video games to toys.

Keep the Sparkle When Your Wash Bucket is Hours Away

You’ve washed and prepped the family cruiser for the summer road trip. Within hours mangled insects cake the windshield and layers of dust make your ride as filthy as a war rig from Mad Max.

How can you remove the dust, pollen, tar and bug goo when you’re miles from a hose and wash bucket?

Popular Versa Note Adds New Sporty Models with 40 MPG

The 2015 Nissan Versa Note expands on the popular sub-compact hatchback with new models still getting 40 miles per gallon on the highway with the standard engine, and plenty of interior comfort and technological features.

Campers Once Again Join the Season's Timeless Melting Pot

Versatile Dutch Oven Expands Camp Mealtime Menu

Pack a cast iron pot for your family’s summer road trip and share a link with the pioneers who rumbled westward in the 1800s.

“Cooking with cast iron over a campfire is classic Americana,” said Laura Candler, social media coordinator for Lodge Cast Iron, a Tennessee-based cookware company.