Car Car Tips & Other News

Nationwide Effort to Decrease DUI

A major enforcement campaign to reduce drunk drivers kicks off in mid-August with law enforcement agencies across the country.

Best 7 Ways to Wash Summer Grime Away

Months of searing heat and filthy roads have taken their toll.

The paint is gritty, the windows are caked with insects, and you can sign your name in the accumulated road dust. Here’s what to know and what to focus on to restore that glimmer and shine.

August Car Care Tips for Summer Drips, Drops and Drool

Patience, attention to detail and the right equipment make that showroom shine possible.

While we can’t help you with the first two, our experts can guide you toward smart purchases.

Nissan Rolls out Half-Ton TITAN for 2017

Nissan’s reimagined half-ton TITAN pickup is rolling into dealerships across the land. The half-ton TITAN is available as a crew cab model, though single and king cab versions will soon be available.

Box Up Car Clutter With Nifty Organizers

Vehicles serve as our personal shuttles, a mobile office, and (in some cases) a dining room on wheels.

Bringing some organizing tools into your cabin works wonders when it comes to clearing the clutter and maintaining order.

Back-to-School Safety for Drivers, Students

Back to school means the return of safety zones, busses, crossing guards, and morning gridlock. Here's what you need to know as summer winds to a close and school gets back in session.

Safety Council Site Unravels Car Tech

Modern cars contain safety features a driver might not even know exists--much less use effectively.

Safe driving advocates began to help sort out everything packed in that mobile supercomputer.

Backpackology: How to Pack for Success

What’s inside matters, especially when we’re talking about school backpacks.

School is almost back in session--making now the time to teach your child some organization skills ahead of the upcoming semester.

Give Your Car A Brake After Summer of Fun

Your brakes endure stifling heat all summer long. Reward them--and protect yourself--with a brake inspection to assess how well everything held up.

Pacific Coast Drive: Ocean Meets 'Wow!'

There’s a reason Highways 1 and 101 from California to Washington attract drivers from all over the globe.

Simply put, this long and winding road leaves travelers awestruck--1,400 miles of windswept vistas and foaming ocean.