NISMO nirvana

TOKYO – Thousands of fans either attended Fuji International Speedway or tuned in to to see incredible Nissan motorsport history on the track at last week's NISMO Festival supported by Motul.Where did those classic Nissans – Group C cars, Super GT cars, Touring Cars and even an incredible display of rally cars – come from?The Zama Heritage Center in Japan. The Nissan Heritage Collection there features vehicles not only from the company's motorsport past, but also road cars that date back to the Datsun 12 Phaeton from 1933.More than 400 vehicles are housed in the Zama facility, and a unique collection of images from the center can be viewed by clicking here.Note: More great features from the collection were filmed after the recent NISMO Festival, so you can expect more coverage of these classic Nissans in the months ahead on the YouTube channel.Meantime, view the complete collection of cars at the Nissan Heritage Collection here.  ContactAnna Teslik Nissan Global Motorsport Communications Manager +33 7 7614 7286 Paul Ryan Nissan/NISMO Global Motorsport Communications Marketing and PR Manager +1 678 644 0404 For more information about Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s products, services and our commitment to sustainable mobility, visit Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and view our latest videos on YouTube.